A short poem titled ‘Student’ – Automatically created by Google’s AI May 2, 2019 – Posted in: Media – Tags: , , , , , ,

We used Google’s Artificial Intelligence engine to generate a very short poem. It’s a newly released experimental feature that anyone can use to generate short poems and a selfie with its reflection on it. You can check it out by visiting this link. They haven’t yet mentioned how it works but the results are sometimes really cool (and most of the time nonsensical).

We tried the word ‘Student’ and this is what Google’s AI gave us:

“Our student charms, shall they prove the best,
Mad Light, which lie in the sunlight.”

A poem titled 'Student' generated by Google's AI
As generated by the engine

If we had opted for a selfie, and used a word like ‘unknown’, this is the kind of image which the AI engine generates (it is really funky):

A selfie poem generated by Google's AI for the donated word: unknown

Go and try it out 🙂 Do tell us what you think about this, possible uses, or where is Google going with this? Will poets become obsolete in the future?

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