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Q1) After I order, how soon will I get my ebook?

Ans) Immediately! It’s emailed to you as soon as the order is confirmed. You can also go to ‘My Account‘ (if you made one) and download your purchases from there.

Q2) Is the eBook permanent or rental? Can I print it?

Ans) It’s permanent. You bought it. You OWN it. You can print it without any restrictions, download to as many computers as you own, or smartphones or tablets. We just request you not to share them as that won’t be right 🙂

Q3) I did not receive an email after the order, what do I do?

Ans) Sometimes the emails goes to the SPAM folder, please do check that as well. If you don’t keep SPAM mails or can’t find it, then message/email us as along with your order number or the email you used for the order, you we’ll resend you the link.

Q4) Do you give access codes as well?

Ans) NO, we don’t sell ANY access codes/web access etc.

Q5) Do you sell test banks, solution manuals and other instructor resources?

Ans) Yes! Even if we have not listed it, we do sell test banks and solution manuals of almost every book (esp if it’s from Mcgraw-Hill, Pearson or Cengage).

Q6) Are you legit?

Ans) Yes. By the time of this F.A.Q (Updated Sept 2019), we have served more than 5000 happy students in over 12 months.

Q7) Do you offer refunds?

Ans) Yes, we have a 1-week refund policy, but if it’s a genuine mistake or problem, we will refund you even after a month! So don’t worry. Just email us for refunds. Check here for our details refund policy.

Q8) I am having problems with the download. What do I do?

Ans) Please message or contact us. If you can, describe as much as you can what error are you getting?

Q9) I bought an ePub, can you please convert it to PDF for me?

Ans) Sure! Tell us your order number or email you used for the order or the ebook name and we’ll convert it for free.

Q10) Is my data safe with you?

Ans) Yes, we never misuse or share your data. We also don’t store your payment information (as that is processed by PayPal OR Stripe). We do use Google Analytics so Google also knows what you are doing. Sorry, don’t have any control over that!

Q11) Can I help you or other students as well?

Ans) Yes, we have started accepting donations to help keep the costs down. You can donate via PayPal [Ask us for address] or you can send us a donation in Cryptocurrency [Click Here to Donate Via Crypto]. Please don’t share the ebooks as that would be against the law.

In case you have any other questions, you can SMS us, comment below, email us or try the live chat widget 🙂

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