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Are you a college student holding tight on your money but barely manage to save anything? With the rising college fees, transportation costs and costly textbooks, every student struggles to make the ends meet only. Well there are many saving opportunities that are usually overlooked. Following are the tips that can help you to save for a rainy day.


Living in dorms is cheaper than living off campus is a common perception. However this is not true in all the cases. Explore all the housing options, compare the prices as at times living with one or two roommates off- campus can not only save your rent but also half the utility bills and double the savings.

Cell phone usage

Are you the one who always keep your social circle updated with your status and photos? Unsurprisingly, in this digital age, it is easy to give up to the temptation of using Facebook, Twitter or Instagram but this can quickly suck dry your money reserves without realization. For this purpose, download applications that can monitor your monthly data usage and alert you ahead of crossing the limit.  Also, use the free college Wi-Fi as much as possible.


Save money in college

Whether living on campus or off campus, cars are a no-go zone if you want to pinch pennies. Maintenance, fuel and insurance are sufficient to drain reserves. Use public transport or walking to the campus are good options. Take a friend’s car if it is an absolute necessity.


Eating out may seem convenient but they are damaging not only your health but your funds also. Hence, limit eating out to once a month and  try to make and pack your own meals.


Nothing is as expensive as the textbooks for college students. It is common for them to spend a fortune buying a pile of books at the beginning of each year. However, it is possible to cut on this expense only if a little time is invested. Buying used books or renting books for various length of time as needed help you to save hundreds.

Nonetheless times are changing and ebooks are replacing printed books. Ebooks are portable, take less space and can be instantly downloaded. However, it is important to compare prices from different online bookstores. With many sites offering digital and downloadable textbooks and ebooks, our website, offers textbooks of all the subjects under one roof and that too at a knockoff. For example, an ebook name Economics (5th edition) by Hubbard and O Brien is available at a price of $155.99 at Amazon but Duran Books is selling it only for $12! Unbelievable! What more can one asks for!  The website offers textbooks of all categories and at reduced prices, usually only one fourth of the price at which they are sold at Amazon.

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