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We at DuranBooks strive to serve students in the best way possible, and we know sometimes that they can order books that are not up to the mark (or it has issues), or sometimes they ordered it by mistake or the professor changed the requirements. Hence we have a liberal and easy refund policy 🙂

In simple terms, we will refund ANYONE if you contact us within a week (7 days) of your purchase, no matter what the reason! No questions asked.

Some details

Time – How much time from a purchase does a user have to request a refund?

For normal cases, 1 week (7 days). However, if there is a genuine issue (the book is wrongly formated/corrupt etc), then we even accept refunds for up to a month.

Method of refund?

You will be refunded via the same method that you paid. If you paid via cryptocurrency, then you will be refunded with not the same crypto amount, but the same value in US$. In some cases where the credit/debit card company doesn’t issue refunds, we can refund you via PayPal as well.

Product condition?

Doesn’t matter 🙂

Refund contact info – How can a user initiate a return?

Please contact us via the contact us page or email us (preferred) at: [email protected]

Charges, if any – Does the user need to pay return shipping, a restocking fee, or any other charges

There are no extra charges!

Hope this helps 🙂 You can buy our ebooks with guanranteed satisfaction!

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