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Singapore is well-known worldwide as an economic hub. The country receives a large number of people every year. Most people are there to tour the beautiful city-state while others are there for business-related reasons. If you are a student or looking to further your education, Singapore is one of the best places. The country has a lot to offer and is considered one of the safest countries in the world. Among the many sectors that are currently doing well in the Lion City is the education sector. Although Singapore offers good education to those who go there, some people may have a hard time getting a student visa. Here is all you need to know about getting a student visa in Singapore.

  • So, What Is a Student Pass?

A student pass is a document that allows foreigners to stay in Singapore at the period they are studying in a learning institution in the country. When the given period of study is reached, the student may have to leave the country. However, applying for a visitor pass will enable the person to stay for one year while looking for a job.

  • What Are the Requirements?

You need to receive a confirmation from a Singapore learning institution before sending an application for the pass. After receiving a confirmation that you have been offered a chance to a particular course, you can go ahead and apply for a student pass through the immigration and checkpoint authority of Singapore. It is essential to note that the application should be made one month before the given course begins. You may have to pay a fee for processing and issuance.

You will have to submit a passport that is valid for a period of no less than three months beyond the initial period you are supposed to stay in the country. There is a student application form that you must complete. You are required to have the offer letter from a learning institution in Singapore and have two passport-sized photos of you. Some people may need to have their certificates and other qualifications attained from their previous schools that they went to. Other documents that prove your financial and academic ability may be required. You will also have to provide your birth and medical certificates. You should visit the Visa Expess website to learn more about how you can get a Singapore student pass.

  • Applying

If you have made sure that you have all the required documents, there are some steps to take when applying for the pass. The given learning institution will register the foreign student through SOLAR. Once the learning institution has registered your name through SOLAR, you can go ahead and submit eForm16. This form contains the details of your passport, email address, passport-sized photo of you, and the login information provided by the learning institution.


Singapore is open to the best places in Asia to further your studies. While in the city-state, make sure to follow the law of the country.

*Cover image shows the beautiful ‘Gardens by the Bay’ in Singapore at night

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